Peter Supports the Junior Doctors


Medical Negligence Lawyer Peter Stefanovic has turned the NHS debate on its head, firstly by standing with junior doctors against Government plans to impose an unfair and unsafe contract and now marching with student nurses and midwives against Government plans to scrap NHS bursaries.

On Saturday 9th January 2016 Peter marched with more than 5000 student nurses, midwives, junior doctors and NHS workers through central London to Westminster where he delivered a passionate speech, viewed several thousand times on facebook, to an applauding crowd attacking Government plans which he said, ‘was unfair and unjust. What is so extraordinary is that the Government thinks it can just get away with it. Well it can’t’!

Peter went on to say to the roaring crowd, ‘The Government thinks they can bully nurses, they think they can bully junior doctors, they think they can treat you unfairly and wrongly, they think they can do these things because you are kind and caring and because they think you won’t fight back. But by standing here today you have shown that you will fight back and I will fight back with you’!

In December Peter put out a video which has been viewed 20,000 times on facebook explaining why the Government’s plans are so unfair and unjust.

Peter explains;

  • The NHS bursary is not just about money. It’s about making our nurses and our midwives and healthcare professionals feel valued and respected
  • It’s about showing them how much we care about them and how much we cherish them
  • NHS bursaries are also about investment, investment in our people, investment in the future of the NHS and they are a part of saving our NHS for future generations.
  • NHS bursaries are also about patient care and patient safety and what does the Government do – it decides to scrap them
  • For the Government to suggest that it is reasonable for trainee nurses and midwives to leave with debts of £50,000 when they spend 50% of their training working in our hospitals and caring for our patients is beyond outrageous
  • The repayments proposed by the Government would ensure that future nurses and midwives life in permanent poverty, that is totally unacceptable
  • What has become of us as a society when we no longer care about, admire and respect those who give their lives to the care of others
  • This Government has now created a “perfect storm” by attacking our junior doctors, consultants, nurses and midwives who have come together to stand against the Government and I stand shoulder to shoulder with them against plans which are manifestly unfair, manifestly unjust and which I believe will lead to the downfall of the NHS.

We need to remember that our student nurses and midwives cannot be compared to ordinary students which in its usual style of smoke and mirrors the Government appears to be attempting to do. Student nurses work, yes work on the job 50% of the time. When they are on placement they will work full time, without the usual breaks. This means student nurses will not have any free time to supplement their income, as a University student could. The simple fact of the matter is that it is an absolute disgrace for the Government to suggest that our student nurses and midwives should take out loans to pay for the privilege of working in our hospitals and caring for our patients.